KBC 2018

The Kentucky Blues Society is an affiliate of the Blues Foundation, which is based in Memphis, TN. website address: www.blues.org.

Each year our members select a band, a solo/duo to represent us in Memphis, TN on Beale Street as part of the International Blues Challenge

Past Winners:

2003 –The Kyle Daniel Band

2004 –The Kyle Daniel Band

2005 –Willie Smith and the Fender Benders (band), Andrea and Krawl (solo/duo)

2006 –C J Vaughn & Highway 58 (band), Brennan Graves (solo/duo)

2007 –Willie Smith and the Fender Benders (band), Michael Gough and John Martin(solo/duo)

2008 –Dirty Finger Blues Band (band), Brian Witty (solo/duo), Kenton Bryant and Aaron Holder (youth showcase)

2009 –Chuck Wells and Stone Cold Blues (band), Micah Kesselring (solo/duo), The Blues Teens (youth showcase)

2010 –Tee Dee Young and Scandalous (band), Wayne Harper (solo/duo), The Dipthongs (youth showcase)

2011 –Alonzo Pennington Band (band), R. B. Stone (solo/duo), Aaron, Trey & Ian (youth showcase)

2012-Them Bones (band), Randy Colvin (solo/duo), Mo’ Pie (youth showcase)

2013-Boscoe France Band (band), Alonzo Pennington (solo/duo), Mo’ Pie (youth showcase)

2014-Fat Box (band), Boscoe France and Ian Lovelace (solo/duo), Mo’ Pie (youth showcase)

2015-Everett and Delta Storm (band), Jesse Black (solo/duo), Kentucky Blues Crusade (youth showcase)

2016-Everett and Delta Storm (band), Jesse Black (solo/duo), Lew Jetton “Rain” (Best CD)

2017-Teed Dee Young (band), Hurt and Hammer (solo/duo), Lew Jetton “Palestine Blues” (Best CD)


Now Taking for Applications for KBC 2018!

KY Blues plans to have musical representatives in two categories for IBC 2019. Band and solo/duo. Our selection process will use the same criteria as the IBC.

  • 1. Blues Content
  • 2. Vocal Talent
  • 3. Instrumental Talent
  • 4. Originality
  • 5. Stage Presence

To find out more about IBC 2019, go to International Blues Challenge webpage.

To submit your band or solo/duo — contact kyblues@gmail.com or call Kenny Lee at 270-784-0757

For bands or solo/duo submitting to be an entrant you must have recordings or video we can check out. Or we need to have heard you live. Due to the competitive nature of IBC, you must have the capability of scoring a category average of 7.1 or greater through the IBC scoring system.

Deadline to apply to enter will be announced once we have 2 contestants in either band or solo/duo categories. 


Band Division and Solo/Duo competition:  Due to the new IBC 2019 Rules, we must have two (2) contestants in each category. As soon as we have 2 contestants we will announce a date for KBC 2018 and a deadline for entry. Location is expected to be at the lovely Ramada Inn, BG KY

IBC 2019 OFFICIAL RULES (updated criteria)
KBC 2018 Schedule will be:
  • Bands sign up by 4:30 pm Central Time
  • Members who volunteer to be a Judge sign up before 6pm
  • Challenge will start at 6pm
  • 25 minutes for each act


 Approved KBC 2018 Entrants
 – Band –
– Solo/Duo –


KBC score sheet 2009 PAINT C 1000