Kara Grainger – Shiver and Sigh




This a well produced record by David Z.  Kara Grainger is an Australian artist .. who is easy to look at .. with a strong blues voice.  The music is a combination of blues, soul, folk, rock, and roots music .. kind of like what Bonnie Raitt has done.  A blues artist who could cross over to the mainstream very easily.  In fact the opening cut opens with some nice slide work over a driving beat.  Best tracks to me are Shut Down, Lost in You, Holding Out for Love, C’Mon in My Kitchen.  Shut Down has a groove kind of like Steely Dan .. could be a radio record.

41/2 stars .. this could be a breakout blues artist

here is a description from her facebook page:

Imagine this artist: classic songwriting skills, smooth sultry vocals, and the ability to whip up a storm with a fiery slide guitar. Very few can boast this set of trump cards, but it just happens to be the hand dealt to Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist Kara Grainger, who exhibits an effortlessly seductive and modern take on roots, blues and soul music.


Kara Grainger guitar