The Kentucky Blues Challenge has been a regional qualifying round for the International Blues Challenge.

Due to the Pandemic we are no longer able to participate  in Live Events.  We’ve had a great run of superior talent.   Here are our past representatives chosen by our members.   

Past Winners:

2003 –The Kyle Daniel Band

2004 –The Kyle Daniel Band

2005 –Willie Smith and the Fender Benders (band), Andrea and Krawl (solo/duo)

2006 –C J Vaughn & Highway 58 (band), Brennan Graves (solo/duo)

2007 –Willie Smith and the Fender Benders (band), Michael Gough and John Martin(solo/duo)

2008 –Dirty Finger Blues Band (band), Brian Witty (solo/duo), Kenton Bryant and Aaron Holder (youth showcase)

2009 –Chuck Wells and Stone Cold Blues (band), Micah Kesselring (solo/duo), The Blues Teens (youth showcase)

2010 –Tee Dee Young and Scandalous (band), Wayne Harper (solo/duo), The Dipthongs (youth showcase)

2011 –Alonzo Pennington Band (band), R. B. Stone (solo/duo), Aaron, Trey & Ian (youth showcase)

2012-Them Bones (band), Randy Colvin (solo/duo), Mo’ Pie (youth showcase)

2013-Boscoe France Band (band), Alonzo Pennington (solo/duo), Mo’ Pie (youth showcase)

2014-Fat Box (band), Boscoe France and Ian Lovelace (solo/duo), Mo’ Pie (youth showcase)

2015-Everett and Delta Storm (band), Jesse Black (solo/duo), Kentucky Blues Crusade (youth showcase)

2016-Everett and Delta Storm (band), Jesse Black (solo/duo), Lew Jetton “Rain” (Best CD)

2017-Tee Dee Young (band), Hurt and Hammer (solo/duo), Lew Jetton “Palestine Blues” (Best CD)

2018 – Meg Williams Band (band), Larry Grisham and Rico Thomas (solo/duo), Alan Morris “65” (Best CD)

2019- Stillwell*France Band (band), John Martin and Michael Gough (solo/duo)

No KBC in 2020
Due to Pandemic Shutdown

Our selection process has used the same criteria as the IBC.

  • 1. Blues Content
  • 2. Vocal Talent
  • 3. Instrumental Talent
  • 4. Originality
  • 5. Stage Presence


KBC score sheet 2009 PAINT C 1000