KY Blues Jam, at Tidballs, July 7, 2006

KY Blues Jam brought together blues players from all across the great state of Kentucky. Most who had never played together before or even met before. This is the first of several pages of pictures from the July 7th KY Blues Jam at Tidballs in downtown Bowling Green, KY. Enjoy.


Wayne Harper from Murray, Todd Coop from Bowling Green, Steve Parrish from Lexington, Chuck Wells from Brandenburg, jam together for the first time!

Wayne Harper, Todd Coop, Steve Parrish, Chuck Wells

Wayne Harper from the Harper Brothers Band Chuck Wells from Stone Cold Blues

Tidball's balcony was rockin' with the blues!

Lee Hammer from Temple Hill, Jason Gregory from Nashville, Brad Bruton from Glasgow, Kelly Coleman from Bowling Green, Brent Travelsted from Hadley, jam together for the first time!

Lee Hammer, Jason Gregory, Brad Bruton, Kelly Coleman, Brent Travelsted

Kelly Coleman!

Lee Hammer from the Randy Watson Experience Brad Bruton from the Randy Watson Experience


Delbert Fields from Bowling Green on bass, Brennan Graves from Simpson County rocks the mike

Delbert Fields and Brennan Graves

Delbert Fields, Brennan Graves, Steve Parrish

Jeff Treese from Bowling Green, Wayne Harper from Murray, Greg Williams from Richpond, Shotgun Shaeffer from Houston, Texas, Shaggy from Bowling Green, jam together for the first time!

Jeff Treese, Wayne Harper, Greg Williams, Shaggy, Shotgun Shaeffer

Jason Gregory

Jason Gregory

Kentucky Blues is the music of love

Mike Clark from Bowling Green on guitar, Ryan Stiles on Sax

Mike Clark
soulful sax

first time together

Jason Gregory rocks the mike

Jason Gregory brings down the house

Delbert Fields switches to guitar as Chuck Wells rocks the mike

Delbert Fields, Kenny Lee, Steve Parrish

BBQ Vee's

Chip Kingery of Glasgow on slide

Chip Kingery on slide

Todd Coop

Colonel McAllister’s line up without Colonel McAllister

Todd McAllister

Shiny happy people